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Welcome message

It is with great pleasure, that I welcome you to our Johor Trauma Conference 2017, organised by our Johor Bahru Surgical Society (JoBSS) in collaboration with Trauma Surgery Unit, HSAJB and Royal Medical Corp, Ministry of Defence, Malaysia. This conference will be held from the 11th to 12th August 2017 at Berjaya Waterfront Hotel, Johor Bahru, Johor.

Trauma care is a convoluted discipline that demands an extensive network of personnel working together in a dynamic system that is able to produce an amicable outcome for trauma patients. To achieve this goal, we must learn to assimilate the ideology of trauma care between various institutions. Thus, making this conference a terrific platform for us to share our plight in managing the unfortunate victim. Hence the theme for our conference this year : “Integration of trauma systems, towards the Blue Ocean Strategy”.

Sadly, for the past decade, we have seen the surge of terror attacks, that are slowly but inevitably creeping into our shores. I believe it is fundamental for us to be ready to tackle any enventuality that may one day strike us hard and render us anarchic without any alarm. In this conference, we have renowned speakers who will share with us their experiences that will help us to prepare ourselves in facing this ominous calamity. This year, we cordially invite our colleagues in uniform to share their first hand experience working in an austere environment while unyieldingly keeping to the code to save lives. We also have the honour of inviting an esteemed surgeon who has gone above and beyond his call of duty to help the underprivileged refugees. Do look forward to hearing the inspiring narrative of his live experiences being on ground zero, I assure you, it will leave you stunned and stupefied.

As per the previous year, our scientific program will consist of plenaries and concurrent symposiums. Here, our colleagues from different specialities who co-manage trauma cases will pour out their knowledge and conform with all your burning doubts. We will have exuberant didactic sessions with world renowned experts combined with local experts on selected topics that are just tailored for the greater audience.

As for the venue, Berjaya Waterfront Hotel will give you a panoramic view of the Straits of Tebrau and our neighbouring country, Singapore. The hotel and its integrated duty-free zone is home to an array of shopping, dining and entertainment options.

I hereby give you the 3rd Johor Trauma Conference, organised by a most dedicated team, in hopes to continue the effort in producing good quality and up to date trauma care knowledge to the interested denizens.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the organizing committee, the industrial partners and gracious participants for making this conference a reality.

We eagerly look forward to meeting you at the conference.


Yuzaidi M
Johor Trauma Conference 2017.

11-12 AUGUST 2017
“Integration of Trauma Systems, towards the Blue Ocean Strategy”

DAY 1 : FRIDAY 11/08/2017
 Time  Activity
 0700 - 0800  Registration 
 0800 - 0930  PLENARY 1
Chairperson : Ashok Kannan
0800 - 0830 NBOS: ATM and MCI Preparedness
- Dato Dr Amin Muslan, Mindef
0830 - 0900 Keynote Lecture

Towards An Integrated Trauma Care System for Malaysia
- Guest of Honor –  Dato’ Dr Hj Azman Hj Abu Bakar

0900 - 0915 Welcome address
Mr Rizal IA

Opening Ceremony
- Guest of Honor – Dato’ Dr Hj Azman Hj Abu Bakar 

 0915 - 0945  Morning Tea Break and tour of booths
0945 - 1015  NBOS: The Future of Trauma Care in the Private Sector
- Andrew Gunn
 1015 - 1045 Universities and Trauma Care
- Prof Dato Razman J, HUKM 

 1045 - 1215  SYMPOSIA 
   Symposium 1  Symposium 2
Trauma Surgery - Vascular Trauma
Chairperson : Yuzaidi M
 Pre-Hospital Trauma Care-ED
Chairperson : Mohamad Ramdhan
 1045 - 1105  Strategies and Tactics of Major
Abdominal Vascular Injuries
- Syed Alwi
Pre Hospital and Retrieval Medicine in 
Trauma: A Way Forward
- Ahmad Tajuddin
 1105 - 1125 A General Surgeons Perspective of Limb Vascular Injuries and Salvage
- Tan Yee Ling
Finger Thoracostomy in
Pre Hospital Setting
-Mohd Amin
1125 - 1145 Radiologic Interventions in BTAI
- Yuzairif
Initial Management of Severe Chest Trauma ( in ED resuscitation room )

-Bruno Bernadin

1145 - 1205 Vascular Control of Zone I Neck Injuries: Tiger Territory
- Azuddin MK
Ultrasound in Disaster
-Shahridan Fathil
1205 - 1215 Q & A
1215 - 1245 LUNCH TALK
Chairperson : Ahmad Tajuddin
October Blaze
-Md Saed Mian
1245 - 1430 Lunch and Friday Prayer
 1430 - 1600   SYMPOSIA
 Symposium 3  Symposium 4
 Trauma Support Team
Chairperson : Farida
Chairperson : Teh MS
1430 - 1450 Goal Directed Therapy for Tranfusions
in Major Trauma
- Zanariah
Major Head Injuries  – can we identify
patients with bad outcomes?.
1450 - 1510 The Crash Laparotomy, A Thousand
Things Happening at Once: A view from the top
 Injury in the Pediatric Population:
is it any different?
- Muthu Alhagi
 1510 - 1530 The Trauma "Open Abdomen"
in ICU : What makes me happy to see
- Mahazir
 Clearing the spine, an ongoing
-Hishamuddin S
 1530 -1550 Major Trauma Victims, Getting Them
Back Home
- Sharon
 Traumatic Brachial Plexus Injury, is there any hope ?
- A/Prof Shalimar
1550 - 1600 Q & A
 1600 - 1615  Tea Break and tour of booths 
 1615 - 1745  PLENARY SESSION 2
Chairperson : Rizal IA
 1615 - 1645  Battlefield Surgery, What Current Conflicts Tell Us
- Ali Zaza, USA
 1645 - 1715  Challenges of Battlefield Transfers of Ventilated Wounded Personnel 
- Timothy Shapiro, USA
 1715 - 1745  MCI in Natural Disasters: The Indonesian Military Experience 
- Iman F, Indonesia 
1930 - 2200 FACULTY DINNER
DAY 2 : SATURDAY 12/08/2017
 0830 - 1000  PLENARY SESSION 3
Chairperson : Syed Alwi
 0830 - 0900  The Restive South, A Trauma Surgeons Experience in Thailand
- Burapat S, Thailand 
 0900  - 0930  Austere Surgery in Remote Areas of Indonesia: Logistics and Challenges
- Iman F, Indonesia
 0930 - 1000  Austere Surgery During Humanitarian Missions: Do’s and Don’t’s
- A/Prof Shalimar
 1000 - 1030  Morning Tea Break and tour of booths 
 1030 - 1150   SYMPOSIA 
Symposia 5 Symposia 6
1030 - 1200   Controversies in trauma
Chairperson : Azuddin
 Early Hospital Care ED
Chairperson : Mohd Amin
 1030 - 1050  Damage Control Surgery and the FST
- Ali Zaza
Pitfalls in Trauma Resuscitation
- Prof Nik Hisamuddin
 1050 - 1110 Severe Facial Blast Injuries:
An Anesthetist's Headache
- Timothy Shapiro
Establishment of Trauma Team : Why are we resistant
- Ahmad Tajuddin
 1110 - 1130 Major Tracheobronchial Injury, when and when not to operate
- Burapat S, Thailand
 Use of Spinal Board after
Pre Hospitral Phase
- Prof Nik Hisamuddin
 1130 - 1150  Anal Sphincter Reconstruction Post Trauma: When and How
- KK Chan
Designing our ED to
Cope with Terrorism
- Rosidah Ibrahim
1200 - 1315 PLENARY SESSION 4
Chairperson : KK Chan
1200 - 1225 Preparing for Terror Attacks: A Surgeons Plan
- Jeremy Ng, Singapore
1225 - 1250 Integrated Trauma System in Malaysia: Where are We
- Sabariah Faizah Jamaluddin
1250 - 1315 McGill Trauma System : Trauma Team Leader
- Bruno Bernadin
1315 - 1415 LUNCH BREAK
Symposia 7 ( Ballroom ) Symposia 8 ( Auditorium )
 1415 - 1530  Trauma Surgery Tricks
Chairperson : Ussof Iskandar
Trauma Nursing
Chairperson : Norazlin
1415 -  1435 Perihepatic Packing Revisited: Art, Science and Experience
- Ashok K
Getting them back to society
-Peremalatha Sundram
1435 - 1455 Polytrauma and Major Burns:
Too Many Things at Once
- Mathew Thomas
Wound and tube care, post trauma.
-Siti Habibah Nur
1455 - 1515 Blunt Pancreatic Injuries: Beyond the Traditional
- Jeremy Ng
Nutrition for the Injured
-Amirozlin Amsar
1515 - 1520 Q & A
1520 - 1700 HOW IT'S DONE
Pelvic Trauma
Chairperson : Tiong VE
1520-1540 Extra Peritoneal Pelvic Packing
- Burapat S, Thailand
1540-1600 Putting It Back Together Again: Definitve Fixation
- Shamsuddin AA, KPJ
1600 - 1605 Q & A
1605- 1615 CONCLUSIONS